FQ330R – 450R Slitting machine with
rotary die-cutting function



FQ-320/450 Exquisite High-speed Label Slitting And Rewinding Machine

Detailed Product Description:

Performance and Characteristics :

FQ一330R/450R Slitting machine with rotary die-cutting function is A new product.lt equipped with high accurate rotary die一cutting System in FQ-320/450 machine.This machine is suitable for blank Adhesive labels.Die一cutting&slitting can be finished in one process.It has the function of automatic meter counting automatic stop web guiding by photocell.The machine has the characteristic of compact structure,fast speed,high efficiency,Easy operation,accurate sIitting and steady running etc.

Technical specification :

Die cutting repeat length 206.375-4762.5mm (65tooth¾150tooth)
Cutting speed 75m/min
Die-cutting speed 60m/min
Max web width 320mm
Max unwinding diameter 500mm
Max rewinding diameter 450mm
Overall diameters(LxWxH) 1650x1000x1700mm
Machine weight 650kg
Notes: With the viriation of the length to be printed,machine speed should be changed.
*Its overall dimension and manufacturing Process are subject to change without further notice.