FQ-320 – 450 Exquisite High-speed Label
Slitting And Rewinding Machine



FQ-320/450 Exquisite High-speed Label Slitting And Rewinding Machine

Detailed Product Description:

Characteristics :

Auto slitting machine FQ-320/450 type is an accessary equipment for fully automatic label printing machine and roll to roll die cutting machine. It is suitable for slitting paper into narrowstripes. It has total lengthcounter, label counter, predetermined counter, speed adjustment, alarm,pneumatic coreholder & tension control. Edge guide on unwind is agitated by German made photo-eteclrical eye. It is a fast running, accurate slitting, ease of operation and stable equipment under tight construction.

Technical specification :

Max. Web width 320mm
Max. Rewind diameter 500mm
Min. Slitting width 16mm
Slitting accuracy ±0.15mm
Slitting speed 85(m/min)
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) 1500×1000×1200mm
Machine weight 430kg
*Its overall dimension and manufacturing Process are subject to change without further notice.